Welcome to The Heart’s Playbook, a foundation that strives to build stronger communities in heart health. As we begin our journey in establishing our foundation we welcome you to our space and hope you follow along in our development.

Our Mission

Live a heart healthy life

This is the mission of The Heart’s Playbook. It’s what drives us and what we’re passionate about. This foundation has been created to build stronger communities in heart health, support cardiac centers across the nation in patient care, aid in the discovery of technological advancement through innovative heart research, and provide resources to other families in need.

Through the work of this foundation, our goal is to help patients and families work with the best physicians, receive the best care, engage with the best technology in heart health, and be introduced to some of the most positive communities so that they may have positive outcomes.

We Wrote a Children's Book

This book represents the journey of those who face heart concerns and show unwavering strength throughout. It is meant to be a keepsake and a reminder of their true superhero status!

Written by Janelle Foligno

In support of these heart warriors, all proceeds from this book will be donated back to heart research and families. May we also come together in memory of those who have gained their wings.

Our Story

Our family story can be told in a few marvelous chapters. The birth of our first child, Milana, is what inspired us to create The Heart’s Playbook Foundation. Here’s our story.

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